Good Friends Are Like Stars: 25 Things Only Long Distance Best Friends Truly Understand

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Just a few months ago, my best friend moved from New York City to Los Angeles. I'm lucky to have more than one best friend, but the loss of Colleen was still a major blow. Since she was also my roommate, Colleen was the friend who knew all the ins and outs of my life. On any given day, she probably could tell you what I had for dinner, how I was sleeping, the last time I talked to my mom, and whether I was on my period. She was — OK, OK she's not dead, isthat kind of best friend.

When she moved, I cried like a baby. Sure, we have technology and airplanes to keep us in touch, but I knew our relationship was about to change. I'm familiar with the phenomenon — I lost my other best friend to LA a few years ago, and even my best friend from high school lives in Portland. We're all still in touch, but I feel their daily absence in my life, there's no denying it.

If your best friend also lives far away, you know what I'm talking about. In honor of International Women's Friendship month, here are 25 things only long distance friends understand.

when one of you moved, it felt like you were going through a breakup

Rachel Krantz

Me, in a drunken stupor at Colleen's going-away party. I may be clinging to her arm and mumbling Don't leave me...

and when you were finally apart, everything felt ... weird

these days, you make dates in advance just to google hangout

or facetime

for all the random things you need to show her, snapchat and picture messages have to suffice

sometimes, out of nowhere, you'll find yourself lamenting how you miss them outloud

Sometimes we'll just be sitting in the park and I'll wail to my boyfriend randomly I miss Colleeeeeen! to which he bemoans right back Me tooooooo.

and whenever you see something only they would get, you miss them even more

so you text them lots of random messages like waaaaaaa i miss you

and why aren't you here?????????

It's not fair!

you find yourself comparing all new friends to them

Of course, they don't measure up, but you know it's important to get back out there.

still, when a friday night with nothing to do rolls around, you know who you're calling

and if you don't talk for a few weeks, you get paranoid that they're too cool for you now

but when there's tension, you guys inevitably talk it out

and you realize you were just being nostalgic for the days when you saw them all the time

Because those really were the days.

so you try to plan trips around visiting each other

Friendsgiving is your friend.

because if it's been more than six months since you've seen them, you start to feel like something is seriously wrong

you still fantasize that one day, you'll end up living in the same place

and that you'll raise your kids together

and they'll call her their auntie

Totally normal.

either way, when you get old, it'll totally be like this

yup, no matter the distance

you meant it when you said best friends forever


plus, you know what they say...

good friends are like stars:

you don't always see them, but you know they're always there.

Rachel Krantz

I miss you girl!

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