21 of the Most Emo Lyrics From the Early '00s That Will Bring Back the Glory Days of Pop-Punk

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Get ready for your bleeding heart from high school to be ripped back open, Saves the Day and Say Anything are going on tour along with Reggie and the Full Effect. And if that's not enough to get the baseball tees and Chucks out of your closet, they're each playing full albums from start to finish. Saves the Day will have you moshing and crying to Through Being Cool, Say Anything will tear through ...Is a Real Boy, and Reggie and the Full Effect will play Under the Tray in full. If there aren't some B-sides and demos thrown in, I will rip off my rubber bracelets and studded belt in a rage, a RAGE (of feelings) I tell you!

Truth be told, I am beyond excited for this tour. Saves the Day is the band I solely credit for my angsty teen taste in music, and I've never regretted a single concert ticket or lyric written in white-out on my Jansport bookbag.

In celebration of the tour that will make 16-year-old me swoon and 27-year-old-me nostalgic beyond belief, here are 21 of the most emo lyrics from the pop-punk glory days of the late 90's and early 00's. Enjoy, or don't. Everything hurts anyway.

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