41 Aging Celebrities Who Are Seriously Never Allowed To Die

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There is truly nothing I do not love about old people, and I don't mean that in an infantilizing, condescending way; I don't approve of the culture of treating them like adorable mascots where We Youngs Of The Internet effectively objectify older people to emphasize our youth. Yes, we do that, and it’s lame because old people are legitimately great.

As much as there are just as many old assholes as there are assholes of any age, in general, people of a certain age get to this distinctly wonderful place where they are not only brimming with experience and knowledge, but they are so far liberated from the insecurities and self-consciousness that hold younger people back for most of their lives. They are who they are and they give essentially zero fucks what people think. FACT (probably): Senior citizens are having way better sex than people of any other age.

The kind of self-acceptance and healthy perspective that the rest of us can't achieve no matter how hard we try has already come to them naturally. Plus, in the case of the people on this list, they are so goddamn talented. The combination makes it easy to understand why so many people develop emotional attachments to aging celebrities; they have the most to give, and are likely to be with us for the shortest time. (Yes, I know that's morbid, I know this whole topic is morbid, but it’s real so we’re talking about it.)

With that said, here is an admittedly non-exhaustive list of older famous folks who are not allowed to ever die because it would be altogether too sad to deal with, and would create a world so tarnished and hollowed by their absence as to render it uninhabitable.

Editor's Note: This slideshow has been updated to remove a slide about Bill Cosby's career in light of the sexual assault allegations against him.

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