Ranking the 8 Scariest 'AHS: Freak Show' Teasers

I didn't think the American Horror Story: Freak Show teaser trailers could get any creepier, but I was wrong. So very, very wrong. Because FX released three new AHS teasers Friday, and they are terrifying. Not kidding. They're actually the worst. There are clowns — one of whom could very well be the Clown Killer, which could mean a killer clown or a killer that kills clowns. Both are weird and horrifying possibilities.

So, yes, that's right — American Horror Story has completely outdone itself and reached a new level of creepy, shattering the glass ceiling of crown creepiness. Now, an official trailer has yet to be released, so we have no choice other than to be endlessly teased and disturbed by under-30-second teasers. But judging by the previous three seasons, AHS creator Ryan Murphy will probably give us an official trailer that makes IT look like Ronald McDonald. Looks like Murphy really was serious about Season 4 being "terrifyingly dark".

Now that we've been gifted with what is probably the scariest TV show teaser of all time, let's compare the overall creepiness of the previous AHS teasers and see where they measure up on the sheer terror scale. Which is the scariest AHS: Freak Show teaser? Warning: Videos below are safe for anyone who ever wants to sleep again.

8. The Chicken Hand

Creepy, but relatively tame.

7. Snake-Tongue Guy

I'm mostly just distracted by that gross-looking, barf-colored lollipop thing. It's unsettling.

6. The Trapeze Artist With An Extra Leg

Starting to freak out a little bit now.

5. The Contortionist With An Extra Leg

Guessing there will be a lot of extra legs in Season 4.

4. The Sword Swallower


3. The Lady In The Cage


2. The Dancing Clown


1. The Terrifying Clown You Can't Unsee


Image: FX Networks/ YouTube