Their Wedding Pics Are the Sweetest

When Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg first publicized their romance, I have to admit that I couldn't exactly accept them as a couple. Maybe it was the New Kids on the Block images from my youth that wouldn't allow me to pair him with McCarthy (who even expressed her own specific concerns about Wahlberg before they dated), but eventually their undeniable chemistry made a believer out of me. So of course now I want nothing more than for everyone else to jump on the Wahlberg-McCarthy bandwagon and love them together as much as I do. If you shared my original sentiments about the couple's relationship, then perhaps a glance at photos of Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg's wedding might change your mind.

Despite the rumors of family drama swirling when Donnie's brother Mark didn't make it to the wedding, the festivities that went down on Aug. 30 appear to have been completely blissful and drama-free. McCarthy made an absolutely stunning bride, and from the photos they shared, it was a really beautiful ceremony without being over-the-top like some other celebrity weddings. Photos of Wahlberg and McCarthy groovin' on the dance floor shows them enjoying lighthearted moments and not taking themselves too seriously, which only intensifies their appeal as a couple.

Check out the photos of the couple's adorable ceremony below. But I must warn you — viewing them may cause extreme giddiness:

See what I mean?