The Best and Worst Bodega Buys for When You're Craving a Midnight Snack

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Imagine this: It's late at night, you're starving, and even though you have a fridge full of food, none of it is quite what you want. Unsure of what it is you’re hungry for exactly, you throw on your shoes, grab your keys, and head to the nearest bodega. You browse the aisle(s) for a few minutes before settling on an assortment of snacks. You arrive back home, ready to eat.

From experience, I can tell you there are two ways this scenario can end: A.) Your picks are excellent, your hunger subsides, and you return to your Netflix marathon, or B.) Your picks are terrible, you are left hungrier than when you started, and you return to your Netflix marathon.

Because hunger makes us all do crazy things sometimes (like reach for a bag of Tabasco-flavored jelly beans — something no human would ever do under normal circumstances), I’m here to make sure you never fall victim to Scenario B ever again. Take notes! Because we’ve ranked the five best and five worst late-night snacks you can pick up at the bodega.

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