They Shared Big News with the 'BB' House Guests

The surprise announcement that two Big Brother favorites would be returning (for a visit) to season 16 had everyone pretty much losing their collective shit. After all, these weren't just any Big Brother favorites. These were Big Brother favorites Jeff and Jordan, whose showmance from season 11 and season 13 blew Hayden and Nicole's — and definitely Zach and Frankie's — out of the water. Mainly because, well, their showmance actually blossomed into a relationship outside of the house. Far from being in love due to being in close quarters and going about their separate lives a few weeks or months after the show wrapped, Jeff and Jordan were, and are, still together. And they're going to be together for a pretty long time to come because Jeff and Jordan got engaged in the backyard of the house Friday night.

For right now, that is all that we know about that. The full details are being saved for the CBS broadcast, of course, but the house guests were nothing short of thrilled to be involved in the moment. Caleb said that Cody looked like he was going to cry during the proposal and Derrick, ever thinking strategically, said that Sunday's episode would probably end up getting the most viewers of the whole season. Even better, Jeff and Jordan were quick to express their joy over the event on Twitter and Instagram.

I don't know about you, but I'm already dying to know everything about how Jeff proposed and whether or not the house guests got to play special roles in the set up. For now, we'll just have to content ourselves with the pictures that CBS and Jordan provided, both of which already paint a picture of a happy couple with a bright future ahead of them.

Check out the photos below.

Image: CBS; BB_Updates/Twitter; bbjordanlloyd/Instagram