If We All Told the Truth at Job Interviews

by Emma Cueto

Ask anyone who's ever tried to get a job (or worse had to compete like a crazy person for an unpaid internship), and they will tell you the whole process is terrible. And the worst part? The interview. The pressure to seem both friendly and professional, eager but not too eager — not mention the difficulty of trying to prove how competent you are while doing nothing more difficult than sitting in a chair. And all while wearing clothes you'll probably never have another use for. It's a nightmare. And for all that everyone in the interview pretends to be super professional and say all the right things, we all know that what we're really thinking is something different altogether.

Here to say what we're really thinking is the Buzzfeed video "If Everyone Was Honest At Job Interviews" that really hits the nail on the head. From the shoddily constructed resumes to the fact that no one is really reading the resume anyway, it's a horrifying reflection of what we wish interviews weren't really like, right down to the illegal questions and the offensive stereotypes. Because hey, we live in a world where plastic surgery or changing your name are sometimes necessary to get a job.

But hey, I guess interviewers don't always have things easy, either. Even they do occasionally ask really stupid questions.

Image: BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube