10 Ways to Decorate Your Pumpkin — Without Having to Carve It

There is nothing that screams Halloween more than pumpkins — or pumpkin carving, if we're being specific. And while these days I'm more likely to whip up a pumpkin-flavored dish or order a pumpkin spice latte than attempt to make a squash-centered DIY, pumpkin-decorating contests were a Halloween staple for me growing up. Each year, I'd decide what I wanted my pumpkin to look like and, with an excess of parental guidance, I'd set out to create my masterpiece. The result was fairly impressive, but looking back, I realize that I never made a classic jack-o'-lantern, just because the decorating possibilities that didn't require carving seemed limitless (and decidedly less messy).

It turns out my younger self may have been onto something. Pumpkins actually last longer if you choose not to carve them, so feel free to break away from your traditional, autumn-inspired decor, ASAP. You can even DIY some faux pumpkins, so you'll be Halloween-ready year-round. These 10 pumpkin-decorating ideas add a fall vibe to your home without looking too childish. And best of all? They're virtually foolproof. So get your hands on a nice orange squash and get crafting.

Image: Studio DIY

Dotted Pumpkin

Instead of painting spots directly onto the pumpkin, A Beautiful Mess used fabric paint to create cool, raised dots.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Thumbtack Pumpkin

These silver office supplies make pumpkins super pretty with the help of Kelli Trontel’s tutorial.

Image: Kelli Trontel

Leaf-Covered Pumpkin

Gorgeously colored foliage is one of the best things about autumn, so add a touch of natural whimsy to your squash with the help of this tutorial by Girl Loves Glam.

Image: Girl Loves Glam

Wood Grain Pumpkin

By painting soft squiggles onto a light-colored pumpkin, Vitamini Handmade makes one artistic squash.

Image: Vitamini Handmade

Pineapple Pumpkin

Missing summer already? Test out this tropical pumpkin transformation by Studio DIY.

Image: Studio DIY

Chalkboard Word Find Pumpkin

This wordy pumpkin by Thistlewood Farms doubles as a cool party game.

Image: Thistlewood Farms

Confetti-Dipped Pumpkins

Dipping a rainbow of pumpkins into gold confetti with Studio DIY’s tutorial makes for some snazzy squashes.

Image: Studio DIY

Crayon Pumpkin

For a truly unique decoration, try melting crayons onto your pumpkin, with The Swell Designer’s simple tutorial.

Image: The Swell Designer

Candelabra Pumpkins

If painting isn’t your forte, stack your bounty on a candelabra, like Coordinately Yours.

Images: Coordinately Yours

Lace-Covered Pumpkin

With a piece of lace, Fun Home Things adds some sophistication to a simple orange pumpkin.

Images: Fun Home Things