15 Cozy Pumpkin Recipes Because You Can Do Better Than a Starbucks Latte

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Pumpkin, you are too good to us. Even after we leave you behind for summer cherries and watermelon, after we reduce you to the most questionable of latte flavors, you always come back, usually bearing pie. We don’t deserve you.

This fall, though, we promise to do better than the Starbucks counter. Pumpkins are the superhero of everything fall, and it’s time to let them do their thing. We’ll start off with the seasonal favorites, from pumpkin bread to cupcakes, and then, we’ll leave no cozy fall food unturned. There will be curried pumpkin, pumpkin salad — and in our wildest hour, we will even whip up the creamiest mac and cheese. Back off, Cinderella. This magical pumpkin is ours.

Image: Half Baked Harvest

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