10 Candy Corn Recipes that Are Actually Delicious, or At Least Attractive

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Even with Halloween right upon us, candy corn recipes can be a little tricky. That’s probably because candy corn is easily one of the most controversial Halloween treats. On one hand, these multi-colored morsels are a sweet tooth's dream with their sugary taste and curiously smooth texture. On the other hand, you can't help but wonder a bit about those ingredients and artificial dye content. Personally, I'm willing to overlook the latter, because it's Halloween, and these seasonal delicacies won't be around much longer.

Looking for a creative new way to get your candy corn fix? Take your Halloween candy game to the next level by adding some of these sweet, candy corn-filled treats to your fall baking bucket list. We guarantee that these decadent recipes will change the way you think of these sugary kernels in the best way possible.

Image: Ari's Menu

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