Graham & AshLee Need To Break Up On 'Bachelor in Paradise' For These 6 Extremely Urgent Reasons

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There are a lot of times when an emotional woman is belittled for being "crazy" when actually, she's behaving in a way that's totally understandable and relatable. Especially in the Bachelor universe. But sometimes you have to call out crazy behavior for what it is, and Bachelor in Paradise's AshLee Frazier is completely crazy about Graham Bunn.

From the way Graham was acting, you'd think she's just your average clingy GF, but she's acting like someone who might turn out to be a serial killer. Seriously, her weird intensity and obsession with her relationship with Graham, which hasn't gone much beyond platonic friendship at this point (have they even kissed?), is not unlike the main character from a cheesy '80s thriller. She's shown some weird behavior that should be making Graham very nervous… because the call is coming from inside the BiP house.

Image: Francisco Roman/ABC

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