Aaron Carter Was A Worthy Crush of the '00s & These 17 Photos are the Cold, Hard Proof

Singer Aaron Carter performs as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers host the Buffalo Bills September 18, 2005 in Tampa. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
Source: Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

There was a time in 2000 when I would listen to Aaron Carter's Aaron's Party album daily and wish against all odds that I could be at that party with those crazy, vase-breaking kids and the Teen Dream himself, Aaron Carter. Carter was more than just the little brother of Backstreet Boy star Nick: he was the younger, hipper, more-inclined-to-beat-Shaq breakout artist of the new millennium. And, uh, he was super cute, you guys. Feast your eyes on all the times that Carter proved he was a worthy crush to have back in the day.

Exhibit A

The time his brown eyes were a window into his soul. 

Exhibit B

The time he wore a denim shirt over a tee better than anyone else. 

Exhibit C

The time he looked like a surfer dude unironically. 

Exhibit D

The time he committed to his Halloween costume. 

Exhibit E

The time he cozied up to Teen Queen Hilary Duff and looked adorable doing it. 

Exhibit F

The time he hung out with his big bro, Nick. 

Exhibit G

The time his hair was basically perfect. (Hint: It was all the times.) 

Exhibit H

The time he went hard on the hair gel. 

Exhibit I

The time he poured his soul out in song. 

Exhibit J

The time he looked like an actual grown-up and you kind of died. 

Exhibit K

The time he posed with a whole bunch of purses. 

Exhibit L

The time he pulled out this killer smile. 

Exhibit M

The time he had great layer game. 

Exhibit N

The time he snuggled with this puppy. Oh. My. God. 

Exhibit O

The time he was super laid back on the red carpet. 

Exhibit P

The time he wore this hat with confidence. 

Exhibit Q

The time he let his hair grow out. Swoon.