Marcus & Lacy Found Real Love In a Hopeless Place, Er, 'Bachelor in Paradise'

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Far be it from normal to have ABC reality shows find real love, but on the first season of Bachelor in Paradise , Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul have helped ABC strike gold as their relationship has gotten more and more serious with each passing week. Something about them just clicked, and while spending a few weeks together in Tulum, Mexico isn't a reliable metric of if they'll be able to spend their lives together, they've really proven that they're willing to try.

It's pretty sweet to see them stick together through hospital visits and reliably pick one another every single episode, to the point where the producers don't even bother pretending there's a chance they'll pick someone else with the date card. Now that there's basically no doubt that Lacy and Marcus are engaged, it's just a matter of if they'll be able to make their relationship last. And since they seem so compatible, I think they have a great shot at making it.

Image: Francisco Roman/ABC

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