Marcus & Lacy Found Real Love In a Hopeless Place, Er, 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Far be it from normal to have ABC reality shows find real love, but on the first season of Bachelor in Paradise , Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul have helped ABC strike gold as their relationship has gotten more and more serious with each passing week. Something about them just clicked, and while spending a few weeks together in Tulum, Mexico isn't a reliable metric of if they'll be able to spend their lives together, they've really proven that they're willing to try.

It's pretty sweet to see them stick together through hospital visits and reliably pick one another every single episode, to the point where the producers don't even bother pretending there's a chance they'll pick someone else with the date card. Now that there's basically no doubt that Lacy and Marcus are engaged, it's just a matter of if they'll be able to make their relationship last. And since they seem so compatible, I think they have a great shot at making it.

Image: Francisco Roman/ABC

Crazy Adventures on Weird Dates

The dates on Bachelor in Paradise come in three speeds: 1. Dinner date. 2. Exploring ruins. 3. Terrifying cave diving that looks like something out of The Descent. Marcus and Lacy got stuck with the third option on the latest episode, and as bats swooped past them, they tried their best to protect one another. This will surely be one of those “tell your grandchildren” kind of stories.

Image: Francisco Roman/ABC

They're Both From the Southwest (Sort Of)

It’s a little bit of a stretch, but Lacy is from Southern California and Marcus is from Dallas, Texas. While the two areas are pretty different, they’re both from very hot climates that appreciate Mexican food and hardly ever get snow. Plus, if they want to get from one hometown to the other, they can take a really cool road trip through the Southwest.

Image: Marcus Grodd/Instagram

They're Both So Tan

It might sound like a joke, but it’s not. A beach person and a mountain person don’t mix. These two love spending time in the sun and swimming in the ocean, and that’ll surely be their favored family vacation for years to come.

Image: Francisco Roman/ABC

Devoted Their Lives to Helping People

Lacy grew up with nine mentally handicapped siblings, which instilled an early desire for her to give back. That eventually led her to managing an elder care center. Marcus works for a fitness and health company that frequently sponsors charity events. Career match made in heaven!

Image: Lacy Faddoul/Instagram

They're Dog People

Both Marcus and Lacy have popular grams of their dogs from National Dog Day. A cat person would never be able to deal with puppy love like that.

Image: Marcus Grodd/Instagram

They're Comfortable With PDA

Not only are Marcus and Lacy cool with broadcasting the first few weeks of their relationship on television (including their first “I love yous” to one another), they’re also totally fine with the idea of making out on camera. If you can agree on that, your relationship will be A-OK. I know I’d never want to smooch on national TV.

Image: Francisco Roman/ABC