Espresso Shots in Chocolate-Covered Waffle Cones Sound Like My Idea of Heaven

Coffee lovers of the world, get ready for something that will blow your tiny, over-caffeinated minds: In what is possibly the greatest drink receptacle invention since Dominique Ansel’s chocolate chip cookie shooters, Los Angeles coffee shop Alfred Coffee & Kitchen has just introduced espresso shots served in chocolate-covered waffle cones to their menu.

Best. Idea. EVER. I wonder if there’s a way to combine it with the café affogato vanilla ice cream thing I learned about a few weeks ago?

According to Design Taxi, you won’t find this glorious creation on Alfred’s regular menu. The coffee shop has hopped on the “secret menu” train, with these fresh-dipped waffle cone shot glasses being their first offering. They’re not cheap, though: The cones alone apparently cost somewhere between $8 and $9. Add to that the price of an espresso ($3), and you’re look at a total cost of about $11 or $12. That’s one expensive drink, especially for something so teeny. But hey, it’s probably worth the splurge every so often. Obviously you don’t want to go bankrupt buying these suckers for yourself every day — and besides, treats like this one only maintain their allure if you make them a sometimes food.

Here, have another picture. Because yum.

Of course, the problem inherent with this particular piece of amazingness is that it’s in LA, while I myself am located on the opposite coast. LAist pointed out, though, that they’ve seen similar things in other cafes, like Zia Valentina in the Original Farmers Market. True, Zia Valentina is also in the LA area — but if we’re at the beginning of a trend here, it’s probably only a matter of time before chocolate waffle cone espresso shots make their way across the country. And hey, at least I’ve got family and friends in Southern California, so worst scenario, I finagle my schedule such that I can fit in a trip to Alfred Coffee & Kitchen during my next visit.

If we’re really lucky, some enterprising individual will discover a way to make chocolate-dipped waffle cone shot glasses at home and post the recipe online. It happened for those chocolate chip cookie shooters, so it’s bound to happen sometime, right?

Images: alfredcoffee/Instagram