Kanye's Smiling? Things Are Getting Weird...

Have you ever wondered what Kanye West's face would look like if he took the corners of his mouth and turned them upward? And then showed his teeth? If so, you're in luck. A video of a weirdly smiley West has made its way to the ginormous time suck many people call the Internet, and I've gotta say: It's a little freaky. I mean, it's nice to see that the rapper is capable of smiling and generally being happy and pleasant. But also, it's so foreign.

Photogs managed to capture a video of West walking through an airport in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife, Kim Kardashian, and daughter, North West, this weekend, and despite the fact that the family is being hounded by both fans and paparazzi alike, West doesn't get the slightest bit ruffled. In fact, he's far more chipper than Kardashian in the video. He's smiling, people.

A few months ago, West got 24 months informal probation for beating up a photographer in Los Angeles, so it's somewhat expected that he wouldn't snap at anyone any time soon. But the smiling? He didn't have to do that! He could have just as easily scowled through the airport without getting into any sort of kerfuffle with anyone.

My guess? Marriage has done the man good. I mean, he gets to go home to Kim Kardashian every night — how could it not?

Here's how we're used to seeing Kanye look...

His happy face:

His excited face:

His interested face:

So yeah, seeing him smile is kind of a trip. You can watch Kanye West smiling here. Warning: You will never see things the same again.

Images: Global Grind (2); Giphy