This is How Kim K Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

It's finally happened, you guys. Finally. Sarah Jessica Parker nominated Kim Kardashian for the Ice Bucket Challenge, like, a month ago (okay, so it was only three weeks ago) and Kardashian was oddly silent on the subject. Where was the video? Where was her response to the challenge? Was she just going to ignore it and be one of the many, many celebrities who excluded themselves from participation in the latest craze (for a good cause) that was hitting Hollywood? Turns out that, in true Kardashian style, she was just setting the scene. Kardashian did the ice bucket challenge on The Ellen Show and here's how she made it wholly and completely a Kim Kardashian thing.

  1. She waited until the craze had died down. We used to get ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos several times a day to the point where it was just easier to start posting collections of our favorite videos. Nowadays, the trend has died down a bit, making Kardashian's video really stand out.
  2. She took a selfie as she took the challenge. What's one thing you associate with the Kardashian Klan? If you said gratuitous selfies, then you were absolutely correct. Kardashian even has a book of selfies coming out called Selfish, so this was great promotion for it.
  3. She did it on television. Kardashian wouldn't be Kardashian if she didn't join the handful of other celebrities who did their ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on television instead of filming it privately at home. After all, the other thing you associate with the Kardashian Klan is their reality TV show, so obviously they're very comfortable with cameras.

Kardashian did it for a good cause (and for the Instagram hits), so now we can finally cross her off the list of celebrities who have let their nominations go unanswered. Check out the video below.

Image: YouTube