After Michael C. Hall Kills It as Hedwig, Producers Should Consider These 17 Other Actors

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When word got out that Michael C. Hall would be taking over as the new Hedwig in Broadway's Hedwig And The Angry Inch, the jokes wrote themselves: Dexter would —wait for it —totally kill it. (Badumcchh.) The Dexter star might have seemed like an unlikely choice to follow in the high-heeled footsteps of Neil Patrick Harris and Girls star Andrew Rannells, but the actor is actually pretty theatrically inclined, with a solid theater resume. Who knew Dexter was a song and dance man?!

With this casting choice, it seems that one thing is pretty clear: those Hedwig producers sure know how to make some solid casting choices. They bring in the big wigs to put on, ahem, the big wigs. But once Hall kicks off his heels after his run, who should follow in his, Rannells', and NPH's footsteps? Here are some humble casting pitches — some certainly stronger and more viable than others — for actors who could potentially take over as Hedwig down the line.

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