This Bored Kid Ignoring Obama & Face-Planting Into The Couch Is Our New Hero — PHOTO

Not everyone's impressed by the White House. Or President Obama. Some find it all so excruciatingly boring that they have to find ways to amuse themselves. In a photo taken in June, the president is shown chatting with a man and a woman as a small child face-plants onto the Oval Office couch. The kid may have thought nothing of his restless antics, but he effortlessly upstaged the president of the United States. This kid is a legend.

The snapshot was taken by photographer Lawrence Jackson on June 23 for the White House's official Flickr account, somehow slipping under our radars. Luckily, it resurfaced this week and has now gone viral. The man and woman in the photograph are an outgoing Secret Service agent and his wife, with whom Obama is having a pleasant conversation, by the looks of their jovial expressions.

None of that matters, however, because just a few feet away is the best kid ever. The adults go on and on idly chatting away in what could have only sounded like underwater murmuring or slow-motion robot talk to our hero. One can only imagine the unbearable eternity he endured — I do not envy this kid.

But he would be happy to know — when he's old enough to understand words like "martyr" and "icon" — that he did not suffer the boredom in vain. No. Face-planting couch-diver kid will go down in history as a symbol of rebellion against boredom. Oh and his Secret Service dad probably did some cool stuff too.

So what must have been going through his head on that fateful day? Come journey with us through the mind of a national hero.

  • "Why did Mom and Dad do this to me? Do they hate me?"
  • "This is worse than that place called Macy's."
  • "What kind of name is 'President?'"
  • "Is this because I drew on the dog again?"
  • "This couch smells like grandpa."
  • "This is stuuuuuuuuuuuupid."
  • "Would it kill you people to keep some crayons around?"
  • "Why did they make me dress like Uncle Gary?"
  • "I can't believe I'm missing SpongeBob for this."
  • "What would SpongeBob do in this situation?"
  • "I'M BORED!"
  • "Ooh maybe someone dropped jellybeans in these cushions."
  • "I wonder how many jellybeans can fit in this house."
  • "Why is it white? That's a stupid color."
  • "This is the worst day of my life."
  • "That President guy talks too much."
  • "Hello?! I'm still bored!"
  • "My face is starting to hurt."