'Girl Meets World' Casts Two More Characters & Continues to Torment Us

Guess what everyone? More Girl Meets World news, but no, it's not that the premiere is being moved closer than 2014, or that Shawn Hunter and his leather jacket will make an appearance. It's just that two more characters have been cast, and no, it's no one famous. If you can take any more news, the Disney Channel spinoff of Girl Meets World added brand-new actor Peyton Meyer as Tristan, who main character Riley has a crush on.

In case you haven't been following all the Girl Meets World news, Riley is Cory and Topanga's daughter, who will share the spotlight with best friend Maya. The second actor cast is August Maturo, who's previously appeared on Weeds and How I Met Your Mother, and he'll play Riley's younger brother Louis.

Quick question to the producers of Girl Meets World: how did you shoot the pilot without these two? The pilot was shot in March, remember, when those photos with previous cast members were released? Even though supposedly none of them will actually be on the show? It's great that Cory's brother was there for moral support, but maybe Riley's brother, an actual character on the show, should've been the priority.

We'll have to watch and see when exactly Tristan and Louis show up on Girl Meets World — maybe Tristan will be the new kid at school and Louis was at summer camp when the series started? Disney Channel, you're killing me, please air the show.

Thirteen years has been long enough, we can't wait anymore.

[Image via Disney Channel]