Charlie Hunnam Had a Nervous Breakdown Leaving 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Because His Inner Goddess Couldn't Handle the Pressure

Filming crazy S&M scenes can be super, super stressful, so are we surprised that Charlie Hunnam is claiming that he abandoned the ultimate cinematic project, Fifty Shades of Grey , because he had a nervous breakdown? In one of the most dramatic articles as of late (read it aloud!), Hunnam explained to Moviefone how his tryst with Fifty Shades came to an end. Like the project he abandoned, it began with intrigue:

Sounds more like a defense mechanism there, but Hunnam does want us to know he loved the project! He was going to treat the role as a Serious Act-or!

Just like Anastasia Steele, he could not stop thinking about Christian Grey. Unlike Anastasia Steele, Hunnam's inner goddess could not handle the pressure.

Apparently, he just had too much going on. But wait! There's more emotion behind it all!

Christian Grey is just too challenging of a role! He is pained! Pained, I tell you! He's crying his eyes out!

OK — do we really think Hunnam is bawling his eyes out over the fact that Jamie Dornan and his eyebrows will star in Fifty Shades? Or was he just like, "I don't wanna do this mom porn, I'm starring in Sons of Anarchy, bitches!" Or was he just really freaking tired? Or was he just scared that he wouldn't have the time to emotionally commit and do some method acting to play the one and only Christian Grey? Building his own red room would be rather time consuming.

It's OK, Charlie. You were tired. It's cool. The Mom Porn Club has already moved on.