This Is Why We Fear For One Direction

As you've probably heard (if you've stood in the vicinity of a pre-teen girl recently), the One Direction movie held its London premiere today. Simply called One Direction: This Is Us, the documentary was directed by Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame, which is either really weird or really awesome (and, either way, just has us craving a Big Mac). Not quite as weird, though, was the band's fans' response to the premiere, which was just as frenzied as you'd expect.

Girls, and presumably their miserable parents, lined up for hours in Leicester Square to get a glimpse of Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry, and Louis all dressed up for their big day. Fans who couldn't be there expressed their many, many emotions on Twitter using #1DMoviePremiere and #ThisIsUs — most claimed their status as true fans who were there before the movie by posting photos of the boys way back in their X Factor days.

But if you thought the band's concerts were out of control (like these dads), imagine what the premiere was like. The boys were no longer a tweet away — they were just steps away. One Direction appeared in suits, gave interviews, signed autographs, and grabbed hands over the barricades — even their parents were even there, leading every girl in the crowd to hope that they were seeing their future in-laws. It was like heaven for the hordes of tweens. Crowded, loud, chaotic heaven. Below are just some photos from the absolutely chaotic scene.

Sorry, but, seeing this, there's only one direction we would turn at One Direction: This Is Us' premiere: Far, far away.

Images: Twitter