Kim K. Has Crossed To The Dark Side

Remember the days when all of our Instagram feeds were #blessed with happy selfies from Kim Kardashian? Her duckface, the perfect pout-to-smize ratio that can only be achieved if your first and last names both begin with K, lit up social media like a beacon of shameless, self-promotional light. Every time I double-tapped one of her pictures, I could almost feel the warm, controlling embrace of Kris Jenner encircling me like a noose — oops! I mean, sweater. Well, ladies and gentlemen, judging from the photos she uploaded to Instagram Wednesday morning, those days are long gone. Like famed artists Pablo Picasso and Paul Cézanne before her, Kim K. has officially entered her "Dark Period."

No, Kim may not have introduced groundbreaking visual movements like cubism or post-impressionism (let's leave that to North), but her work in the field of selfies has vastly improved the world as we know it. How else would the human race be able to evolve without knowing a book filled with solely Kardashian's selfies existed somewhere out there? Let me save you some research, scientists: IT WOULDN'T.

Who knows what this new, moody, ~*aRti$tiC*~ era will bring the public aka the E! Network. Will she start smoking clove cigarettes? Will she go the performance art route à la Gaga and start vomming up glitter and paint? Has her persona been an act this entire time, shielding the true, visionary artiste below?!?!?

Eh. Kanye probably just told her to put these up. Happy 'gramming, Kim!

Images: Kim Kardashian/Instagram (3)