Her Inspirational Message To Fans Is Awesome

Say what you will about Ariana Grande (her lyrics make no sense! She is such a diva! She only wears a ponytail!), but let it be known that she has a heart the size of her enormous voice. Need proof? Grande posted an inspirational message about self acceptance on Instagram, and while the message was originally sent to one of her fans, she wanted everyone to know that they, too, should treat themselves with love and respect.

"Please be good to you," she wrote next to the image. "Life is a gift and there is no need to waste it on things we can't control [...] Try to focus more on improving the things we actually can control [...] our outlook, our state of mind, our ego, the way we treat others, the way we treat ourselves, showing more appreciation, not giving into our fears, the way we react to obstacles, etc." The message itself is equally powerful for anyone who has ever struggled with self acceptance, as she said:

Pretend your heart and your mind and your body are like your children! You need to take care of them like a mother would. [Cheesy] but true. If you don't love you, you won't be able to accept love from anyone else. It's a full time job. Loving yourself is hard work, especially when there are many people out there who you try to make you feel like you shouldn't... but if YOU love you, none of them will be able to reach you.

Ariana Grande clearly has something powerful to say! Perhaps she should incorporate these phrases into her lyrics — imagine her big voice on words that actually mean something to her.

You can see her messages below.

Image: arianagrande/Instagram