The Elie Tahari iPhone Dress is Kinda Silly, But I'd Still Wear It Over The Apple Watch Any Day

Yesterday was a big day for Apple. To the delight of all who like overpriced technology that's bound to be obsolete in less than two years, the company unveiled plans for two new iPhones and a very douchey-looking Apple Watch that's basically a smartphone for your wrist — minus the whole "calling" feature. But the crowd at New York Fashion Week was paying attention to a very different Apple product: Elie Tahari's iPhone dress.

Tahari unveiled the tech savvy creation during his Spring 2015 presentation Tuesday evening at the Elie Tahari Vault on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. The dress is a very basic silhouette, allowing the 50 plus iPhones sewn into the mesh "techno-fabric" to take center stage. This isn't exactly the most wearable item in Tahari's collection, but it certainly makes a statement. A spokesperson for the designer told the Daily Dot:

The model will be wearing the dress and circulating throughout the presentation. Since the iPhones are all over the dress, they can capture all angles of the presentation. If you walk up to her you can see yourself on it. It captures what the dress sees.

Tahari is known for creating upscale workwear, so seeing an innovative design concept coming from the designer is pretty cool. But I think we can all agree no one is wearing this dress, right? I mean, look at it:

D Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Although let's be clear: Wearability was never the intention. The dress was simply designed to honor the release of the iPhone 6 (but it's covered in 5s... how passé) and to make a statement about the fusion of fashion and technology. According to the Tahari spokesperson, "Mr. Tahari was inspired by the vision of Steve Jobs, and his lasting impact on our everyday lives. They saw that the two things [presentations] were coinciding, and used it to tie fashion and technology together.”

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I'm all for wearable tech if it continues to look like this.

Image: Getty Images