Kelley & Jennice's Kiss Couldn't Have Been Worse

There was never a question of if it was going to happen, only when. And Tuesday night, on Below Deck , Kelley finally kissed Jennice. Sweet, right? We're all kind of rooting for them, as they'd make a pretty adorable, deck handy-y couple. However, there was one problem: it might have been the world's most awkward kiss in the history of awkward kisses. Without mincing words here, it was terrible. What were you thinking, Kelley?! You grabbed the poor girl's face, planted one on her when she wasn't expecting it, and peaced out. That's no way to win over a lady.

Clearly, Jenelle wasn't into the kiss, as she sort of pushed Kelley away, didn't kiss him back, and told everyone on the ship (including her boss!) about what happened, but I can't help but think, at this point in the season, that she might still have feelings for him. That said, there's no way Kelley's stock didn't drop after that hot mess of a kiss. I was embarrassed just watching it. Totally the wrong moment, dude. In fact, there was no moment!

Kelley and Jennice really looked like they were going to be an item for a minute there, so it will be interesting to see what happens. My guess? They'll hook up again a few times after they've had some drinks, but nothing will ever really materialize. And we can all blame it on that kiss.

Image: Bravo