"Anaconda" With Ellen? Yes, Please!

Just when you thought Nicki Minaj's video for "Anaconda" couldn't be any more fascinating or talked-about, Ellen DeGeneres goes and spoofs it — and it's, without question, the greatest thing you will see all week. When Minaj appeared on Ellen on Tuesday, the talk show host unveiled a "never before seen clip," which features both herself and Minaj twerking and shaking their booties in the infamous video, and OMG, it's pure amazingness. You probably never thought you needed to see DeGeneres dancing around in super short shorts, a white tank top, and sweatband around her forehead, but you so do. I dare you not to LOL at this video.

Before DeGeneres rolls the clip, she and Minaj banter back and forth about why Minaj didn't use the version with the talk show host in it. "It would have gotten more views," DeGeneres said. And, playing along, Minaj says that she thought that video was just between the two of them. The audience and viewers are totally on to the fact that something funny involving DeGeneres is about to play, but everyone is shocked when they see what exactly is in store for them.

If you do one thing today, take a quick view at Ellen's version of Anaconda. It does not disappoint. Promise.

Image: The Ellen Show/YouTube