'Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens in 'The Guest' & 7 More Celebrities Who Successfully Broke Their Typecast

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On Friday, Downton Abbey 's Dan Stevens stars in the dark comedy thriller, The Guest. The film centers around David, a soldier who's come to help mend the family of a soldier who died in action along side him. But his comforting actions quickly escalate to mysterious violence.

The role is a huge departure for Stevens, who, even though he left the show two seasons ago, is known mainly as playing the ill-fated Matthew Crawley on PBS' uber-successful Downton Abbey. Even to this day, the actor gets accosted by angry fans for his abrupt exit. But Stevens' has taken it in stride, as The Guest is not only a hilarious and intelligent thriller, but will make you think of the Ex-Crawley in an entirely new light: With a sexy Southern drawl and a six pack.

To celebrate Stevens' successful emergence out of what could of been a life-long typecast, here's 7 other actors who have broken their own typecast.

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