'Masters of Sex' Star Caitlin Fitzgerald Guests On 'Project Runway': 5 Looks That Prove She Knows What She's Talking About

Sure celebrity judges on reality competition shows are as old as reality competitions themselves. While it's all well and good to see the undeniably chic Caitlin Fitzgerald grab a seat on Project Runway, what would Caitlin Fitzgerald's Masters of Sex character Libby Masters think about the best and worst of PR?

If you're not caught up, Fitzgerld's guest spot episode is called "The Rainway" with designers creating outfits made to stand up to the elements keeping in mind their models actually have to walk in the rain. OK, more like strut through a rain machine they brought into the studio, but still. (Also what's the over/under on at least one model slipping during the show because her designer put her in ginormous heels or a tight skirt with no kick pleats?)

The real Fitzgerald is quite the fashionista, being the subject of numerous fashion blogs, spotted hanging out at fashion week with models, and even stepping out in duds designed by former Project Runway judge Michael Kors. It's clear she's not afraid of bold style choices (and you've gotta be opened minded since PR can be mixed bag of results) but what would her character Libby think of the same fashion challenges? Given the show's wardrobe is painstakingly curated to period accuracy, and Libby is obsessed with maintaining perfection as far as her role as a housewife is concerned (despite all of the change going on around her), when put to the test, Libby's demure looks would come out on top.

So, while we might be able to armchair guess how the actress portraying her might respond, how might Mrs. Masters herself respond to an over-the-top challenge (you know, one that's not her marriage)?

Challenge: "Dancing By Myself" Pattern Dress

Seriously, how can we get this dress and shoes to the mass market? Libby’s looks would kill it in one of PR’s increasingly inane challenges, especially if the challenge involved being alone because your husband is off doing sexperiments. While Libby is no designer, she is pretty fierce, and could def carry this look in any runway challenge and join Runway’s rank of models.

Image: Michael Desmond/SHOWTIME

Challenge: "You Are A Romantic Jewel" Dressing Gown

Remember Santino’s terrible lingerie collection that looked like some sort of miscalculated woodland creature costume? Libby’s wardrobe would never boast anything so unrefined. Though to be fair, it would never boast something so scandalous either.

Image: Patrick Wymore/SHOWTIME

Challenge: "Throwing Shade At Your Husband" Evening Gown

While Libby Masters may be a victim of a neglectful husband, The Wire excellently points out the character’s crueller tendencies that put her in league with another frustrated TV housewife: Betty Draper. Here, Libby looks her Betty-est, and you can’t help but think she’d walk into a room not only owning it, but with enough energy to muster a scornful look at some lesser Project Runway fare.

Image: Michael Desmond/SHOWTIME

Challenge: "Leave A Ridiculous Situation" Plaid Frock

This light plaid dress harkens back to a more innocent, sympathetic version of Libby, when she was still root-for-able without all of the baggage of other stuff. It’d be hard for Heidi to say “Auf Wiedersehen” to such a classic silhouette.

Image: Michael Desmond/SHOWTIME

Challenge: "This Gonna Be Good" Lacey Collar

Probably one of the character’s most fashion-forward and exciting looks, this rounded lace collar and ribbon action with stylish bob would definitely win the adventurous hearts of Project Runway’s judges. In fact, it would be damn near impossible for Tim Gunn to give one of his famous “I’m worried” looks in the workshop to this ensemble. Plus, Libby’s expression just nails it.

Image: Michael Desmond/SHOWTIME