Iggy's 7th Grade Yearbook Photo is a Great #TBT

Who dat, who dat? Uh... it's Amethyst Kelly, or the woman you probably know as Iggy Azalea, in her yearbook photo. She's not so fancy (you already kno-ow?) in seventh grade and obviously, she's got a totally different name. The Aussie rapper has come a long way since the days when her photo was fixed between Zara Kellie and Raleigh Kent (Ozophiles, go nuts with those Aussie names).

As you can see in the photo below, she's rocking an ensemble that's a far cry from the fiercely fashionable outfits she dons today. Of course, it should be comforting to know that even fancy chart-topping pop stars had awkward yearbook photos, too. You, me, and everyone else are not alone, except fortunately for us plebes, no one is digging up our awkward photos and posting them online. Let this also serve as comfort that you, too, might have a rap star boiling up inside of you. You just have yet to unleash that fancy rapping prowess!

Anyhow, this photo makes for quite the #TBT. Can't you see the rising star quality in her eyes? Yes? No? Maybe?

Only this question remains: why would you change your name from "Amethyst Kelly?" That's an AWESOME name. Perhaps "Iggy Azalea" just suited her better — or she wanted a serious departure from her grade school persona.