Happy National Guacamole Day! 15 Guac Recipes to Help You Celebrate in the Tastiest Way Possible

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It’s the most glorious of all glorious days — National Guacamole Day — and it’s time to celebrate. You could go to Chipotle and very precisely select which ingredients you want to incorporate into your perfect and well thought out burrito or burrito bowl, but then comes the inevitable question: "You know guacamole is extra, right?" Yes. I am well aware. But what kind of world would it be if I got Mexican food without guacamole? Certainly not one I want to live in.

The truth is, I didn't try guac until high school, but since then my avocado love affair has flourished. I've figured out the best way to make my avos ripen, and I've experimented putting them in dishes besides guacamole. But since it's National Guacamole Day, it's time we go back to the basics. These 15 delicious guacamole recipes satisfy any taste, so grab some avocados and get cooking.

Image: Simply Scratch

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