'RHOA' Will Make His Prison Sentence a Storyline

Watching this entire fiasco surrounding the imprisonment of Real Housewives of Atlanta's Apollo Nida makes it seem like Bravo is aiming to start its own installment of Cops, only a newer, sleazier Housewives version where they film cast members surrendering to authorities. Honestly, the situation has gotten slimy, even for reality TV. First, Nida failed to report to prison on time because he had better things to do—namely, arguing with his wife Phaedra Parks. According to what a source told The Wrap, the entire incident was captured by Bravo and will be a main storyline on RHOA 's next season.

Nida's dismissive behavior doesn't surprise me, although that doesn't make it any less disgusting. After a warrant was issued for his arrest, he finally got around to turning himself in, and in true narcissistic fashion, posted an Instagram video telling his followers to stay tuned. Gross. But what is shocking is Parks agreeing to be filmed during an argument in which Nida reportedly cursed at her and berated her for not giving him money. Sure, the drama makes for good TV (which is awful, but true) and secures her spot on the show, but it seems like she would rather avoid airing this much dirty laundry, particularly because she's the mother of Nida's two young sons. Explaining their father's absence will already present a difficult enough task without them possibly having to see it unfold on TV.

Maybe Parks' reasoning was simply to honor contractual obligations, or better yet, perhaps she felt that exposing this situation in all its ugliness will help take the heat off her and clear her of any wrongdoings, especially since she's been questioned about her involvement in Nida's ongoing fraudulent activities. Whether she's hoping that the footage of this altercation will somehow absolve her of wrongdoing remains to be seen because she has yet to directly address Nida's situation publicly. Based on a statement she gave to The Wrap, her focus is on moving forward and caring for her children, but hopefully agreeing to film this incident doesn't throw those plans off track.