Oh Yeah...Someone Created Another Drake Meme

Apparently there's someone in Toronto who believes it's high time that the views from the 6 received a little makeover. Instead of signing up to plant trees or pick up discarded junk along the freeway, journalist Lauren O'Neil added to the growing collection of Drake memes by plastering stickers of the rapper's face on handicaps signs all around the city. This is a hilarious way to get Drake's attention and prove to the world that in spite of his bottle-poppin' rap star moniker "Champagne Papi," his hometown isn't quite prepared to abandon their beloved memories of "Wheelchair Jimmy" on Degrassi.

O'Neil told Buzzfeed her mission in "draking" the city with the rapper's visage was merely to spread happiness. "My boyfriend made the stickers last Wednesday and we’ve been ‘draking’ the town ever since," she said. "We just want to make people smile."

Aw, isn't that sweet? I mean, I'm smiling. But for O'Neil's sake, I hope that in her admirable creative endeavor, she didn't violate some sort of city ordinance that outlaws overexposure to Drake by way of signage. Honestly, I don't even want to ponder the possible existence of an evil soul that would punish someone for using Drake's face to bring joy to an entire city. Oh well, if she does receive a fine, then Drake should totally foot the bill.

Check out a few examples of "Draking" below:

Images: Imgur (4)