The Best #ExplainABookPlotBadly Tweets

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After the hashtag #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly took over your Twitter feed, you knew it was only a matter of time before we all started rethinking our favorite books. With #ExplainABookPlotBadly, no type of book was safe from our struggles to define what it's all about.

You know that feeling when you love a book and you're trying to get all your friends hyped up about it too? So you go on this rambling diatribe about what it's about and its themes and how it's just so great? But at the end of it, you just know that what you're saying isn't going over well. It's about a wizard, and some werewolves, but they're not really werewolves, and he used to love someone, but then they died....

Twitter understands how this can go. We've rounded up some of the best — meaning, the worst — contributions to #ExplainABookPlotBadly. And you'll see that sometimes the worst explanations of plot give the biggest insights into the books themselves.

Probably not how Nabokov would have summarized it, but kind of gets Lolita exactly right.

See, this pretty much sums up why I've never really understood Twilight. I see nothing wrong with this synopsis.

Seriously, when you put it like that, the whole Hunger Games series is as depressing as Atonement , and that's a pretty incredible feat. What was it all for?!

OK, so this is a film explained badly, but it still works. Katniss Everdeen: The Ultimate Villain.

Let's just say what we've all been thinking since childhood: Sam I Am is a total and complete pest. I said no thank you!

This 13-book series by Sara Shepard is brought to you by the letter A.

Some Delicious Pig.

"It's just this guys' bonding experience."

It's like Edmond Dantès just throws on some Groucho Marx glasses and sets off to see everyone he's ever known expecting them to be all Lois Lane with the whole Clark Kent is Superman fiasco.

Nothing to see here! Just some massive, lavish parties not masking any kind of pain, regret, or unrequited feelings of love.

Wait, who doesn't love their older brother?

You know, just a family road trip. They stop for cheap coffees at the gas station, fill up on breakfast foods at diners, see the largest ball of yarn on their tour of roadside attractions, see an ordinary turtle crossing the road...

So basically we learned nothing at all from you, Harper Lee. (I'm crossing my fingers as I type this blasphemy. I love you, Harper.)

This Potter kid just can't seem to catch a break.

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