Selfie Hats, Brushes, T-Shirts... What's Next?

We live in the age of the selfie. And naturally, like most things that society becomes obsessed with, we really, really make the most of it. I mean just look at how the whole fro-yo thing took off. You may have heard of the selfie brush or selfie T-shirt if you've been keeping up with ridiculous, bizarre trends...but odds are you haven't heard of the selfie hat yet. Yes, thanks to Acer U.K., the selfie-hat exists and it is...well, sombrero-like. And sparkly. Don't ask me why; I've learned not to question these things.

Described by Acer as the "limited edition Acer selfie-hat," the "sombrero style" hat goes with the Acer Iconia A1-840 tablet and spins 360 degrees around your head for the best angle possible. I'm not sure how great a selfie of the back of your head would be, but either way, the selfie-hat gives you that option. And it sparkles. I mean it really, really sparkles.

I still haven't figured out if this is a joke, but part of me isn't even sure if I want it to be a joke. A hands-free selfie? A massive sparkle-encrusted sombrero? Nothing about that sounds that bad to me, really. And I mean, it's just kind of fun to look at. According to Acer, the hat was designed by Christian Cowan-Sanluis, and the company's social media accounts are posting pictures of the designer with a model sporting the selfie-hat.

With this new selfie accessory following selfie hairbrushes and selfie T-shirts, it really makes a girl think...well, what's next? What other selfie accessories are possible? How can I be even more lazy about my narcissistic fascination with photos of my face? Here's a few of the other selfie innovations I'd like to see, stat.

1. Selfie Drone

Okay, imagine this: A remote-controlled selfie drone that circles your head on a daily basis. It picks up on when you are in the most flattering light, alerts you, and you simply press a button on your phone and WHAM — you have a gorgeous, semi-candid selfie. This is like Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century stuff. If Zenon was both really self-obsessed and very lazy. But you get the point.

2. Selfie Athletic Equipment

Why? Because if you're going to put yourself through the agony of working out, you might as well have the opportunity to share it with people. And do you know how hard it is to take a selfie while half-heartedly doing push-ups incorrectly? Let me tell you, it's not easy.

3. Selfie Pizza

A pizza that also helps you take a good selfie? Okay, no. It doesn't really make much sense. But pizza, guys. Pizza.

4. Selfie Background Generator

One of my pet peeves about selfies is when I look, like, supergood, and then in the background of the selfie you can see, quite literally, all my dirty laundry laying on the ground. Where is the something that lets us fool everyone into thinking that we're, I don't know, lounging in the South of France or just casually hanging out in a hammock on a beach? Maybe we're browsing through a store in Dubai or in a garden of peonies. Gosh, my life is so glamorous.

5. Selfie-Hat Part Two

Because, come on, an entire tablet attached to a giant sombrero is just a little much. But scale that down to a phone and, who knows, it just might work.

Images: Acer UK, Giphy (5)