15 Greeting Cards To Send IRL, Because Snail Mail Is Just as Cool as Your New iPhone

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Last week, communication got another upgrade when Apple announced the new iPhone 6, a shiny new gadget packed with new and improved ways for us to interact with our fellow humans. Now, I love avoiding face-to-face contact as much as the next gal (shout out to my savior, Seamless!), but I can’t help but feel as though in between all those e-mails, texts, snaps, and pokes, we’re starting to miss out on something more personal — the art of sending a well thought out piece of snail mail.

I say it's time we brought back the original text message — the old-fashioned greeting card. Trust me. Whether you're saying "thank you," "I'm sorry," or just a quick "hello," sending a short and sweet note in the mail is just as fun as anything you can do with Siri. Luckily for you, I've found 15 of the best cards to mail today.

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