Her Fashion Week Look is Kinda "Meh"

by Arielle Dachille

A Game of Thrones/ fashion world crossover moment is always a happy event, and those worlds had a welcome collision this morning. Everyone's favorite reformed good girl Sansa Stark, erm, I mean, Sophie Turner attended the Topshop S/S 2015 show. She looked, well, like the finest royal chaise lounge in King's Landing. Turner wore a red and white quilted two-piece jacket and skirt set, with a crisp white shirt. What's more, she was seated in Anna Wintour's fashion splash zone (a mere 2 seats down... THE SIGNIFICANCE!!). Be warned, little dove. Wintour is coming.

The Topshop Unique presentation, which the GOT actress attended this morning in London, featured "real hair" and country club-wear. You could call it cafe-themed, given a sign in the airplane hangar-style venue that read "Topshop Cafe." Then again, it could be identified as tennis-inspired. Really, it was full of preppy separates, tennis skirts and sheer flutter dresses that elicit a response of "I guess if it was between this and nudity, this works." I just thought it was overwhelmingly "meh." I like my British fashion anarchic and bananas, a la Vivienne Westwood. This was not glorious fashion calamity: it was safe.

Turner's look was "offbeat classic" rather than British avant-garde. I say this in the nicest of ways, but her quilted two-piece set kinda reminds me of a Vera Bradley bag. Beauty-wise, she pulled her ginger Stark locks back into a sleek Ballerina bun, highlighting her features and perfectly-sculpted brows. So, great beauty, not-so-great clothing.

Sure, Sophie Turner could wear a duvet cover and still look adorable, but this look falls flat in my eyes. It lacks the playful spirit that we know she has in her sartorial repertoire. Remember the alphabet-printed jumpsuit from this year's Comic-con? Amazing! Do more of that, please Sophie! After all, in the game of front rows, you win or you die.