1D's new single announced!

Whenever there is a trend on Twitter that I don't know the origin of, I usually attribute it to One Direction. This morning was no different, as the trend #StealMyGirl popped up on Twitter (popped up is the biggest understatement of the century). On September 8, One Direction announced its new album, FOUR, then released the first single on the album, "Fireproof", even making the single available for free download for 24 hours on One Direction's site. The single received an enormous amount of attention, and was downloaded 1.1 million times.

So now comes the obvious statement: It was no surprise that when 1D's Liam Payne tweeted out that the new single on FOUR would be called "Steal My Girl," the entire Internet broke. Not really, but you know how Directioners seem to have crazy control over the Internet. Although Payne's tweet was short and sweet, it prompted the trend to explode on Twitter, and probably caused a million plus people to circle September 29 — when the single will be released — on their calendars, iCals, phones, tattoo it on their arms, make it their LinkedIn bio, everything and anything they could do to show their Directioner support.

One Direction's Twitter account then released the single's artwork for "Steal My Girl," and the Internet broke again.

According to Billboard, the song was written by 1D's Louis Tomlinson and Payne, with Ed Drewett, Wayne Hector, Julian Bunetta, and John Ryan. Gossip Cop reports that the song was reportedly written by Zayn Malik and Ed Sheeran, so it isn't exactly clear who wrote it, but I am guessing that it really doesn't matter right now for fans. According to a press release by Colombia Records, the song features "cascading stadium piano chords." You can hear the single "Steal My Girl" September 29 — which you probably already knew because you have it written in permanent marker on your walls — and download the entire FOUR album on November 17. Meanwhile, enjoy a few of these reactions to the single's announcement.