'The Golden Girls' Turns 29 & Here's 29 Reasons It's Still the Absolute Best

Twenty-nine years ago, The Golden Girls premiered and blessed us mortals with its greatness. Truly, we were and are still unworthy. But aside from it being a bingeable show, perhaps the most important part of The Golden Girls premiere and subsequent success was that it gave four older women the opportunity to storm the scene and prove that humor wasn't bound by gender or age. So in honor of such a monumental occasion, let's look back at just what made The Golden Girls beloved by nearly all. You know, other than the girls. And impeccable comedic timing.

Images: Giphy; WiffleGif.com; Gorgeousness/Tumblr; golden-girls-love-cheesecake/Tumblr

by Caitlyn Callegari

A Little Old Lady Named Sophia

Sophia is spelled S-A-S-S-Y.

The Wit, Damn It

So damn quick.

Oh, The Campy-ness

Wouldn't be the same without it.

The relatability

Okay, so we’re not in our golden years, and don’t have the pleasure of hanging out with the four coolest ladies to grace our television sets, but still. Been there.

The One-Liners

And we could vomit knowing we’ll never be half as clever as Dorothy.

Fun With Stereotypes

Equal opportunity jabs at literally EVERYONE.

It Gave Older Women The Chance To Shine

Because they’re magnificent.

The Descriptive Language

And that’s exactly what’s part of Golden Girls’ charm.

Literal Interpretations

Bubble. Burst.

St. Olaf Anecdotes

I remember asking my mother if I could go to St. Olaf as a child.

They Were Spot On About New York Bred Italians

We love our sauce. We love it more than ourselves.

And Italian Mothers

They just want to make sure you won’t die alone because they care.

The Fashion

So many shoulder pads, so little time.

Dorothy's Dry Humor

No one can deadpan like Dorothy can.


‘Nuff said.


‘Nuff said again.

It Asked The Important Questions

And answered them.

Accurately Portrayed Mother-Daughter Relationships

Like you haven’t done this before.

The Girls Were Quick On Their Feet

Proving that just because you got your AARP card, doesn’t mean you’re not still as sharp as a tack.

Blanche's Pizzazz

So fabulous.

They Understood The Importance Of Cheesecake

It is this world’s lifeblood.

The Zingers

Boom. Roasted.

Rose's Innocence

Her perplexing, stupefying innocence.

It Spoke To Its Audience

Who hasn’t wanted to do that before?

It Practiced Safe Sex

Listen to your elders, kids.

The Word Play

Sophia serving it up cold.

They Knew How To Have Fun

Sounds like a plan.

Rose's Vocabulary

I’d invest in that dictionary.

Their Friendship

If the four complete opposites could not only stay friends but coexist, it proved we ALL could.