Jessa Duggar's Fiance Ben Seewald Has Some Extreme Beliefs & They All Seem To Stem from His Dad


I've recently discovered that star of TLC's 19 Kids & Counting and Jessa Duggar's fiance Ben Seewald is even more religious than I already assumed the fiance of a Duggar would be. As Jessa and Ben's wedding day approaches, we are learning more and more about the soon-to-be Duggar. Let me preface this by saying that last week, my only thoughts on Jessa and Ben vs. Jill and Derick were that Jessa and Ben would probably have cuter babies. Then I wrote an article about Ben and what he does for a living.

During my research, I came across his Facebook page, which is really just status updates ranting religious verses and telling everyone about sinning and evil. In one post, he compared abortion to the Holocaust — for real. I wish I was kidding. It was like one of those crazy people on the subway spewing out nonsense about how you're going to hell, except on Facebook.

I started to wonder about the rest of the Seewald family, because most people don't just think like that without influence from their upbringing. I did some more research, found their family blog, and all of a sudden, it made sense. I understood where Ben got his extreme views.

Ben is the oldest of seven children born into the Seewald clan. His siblings are Jessica, Danielle, Michelle, Ethan, Faith, and Thomas. The Seewald family blog is run by Michael Seewald, Ben's dad, who works as an auto glass technician. His mom is also around the site in photos. Here are some of the most ridiculous statements found on the site.

On Marrying Young

It's troubling for you to see someone like me without a prospect? If it doesn’t bother me that I'm alone, then it sure as hell shouldn’t bother you. He then gives yet another reason as to why waiting to get married is, apparently, just awful.

Yes, my mother taught me to figure out who I am on my own before finding someone to settle down with. She also taught me that I don't need a man to complete me. What horrible life lessons. I must be super immature.

On Happiness

Call me crazy, but my happiness comes from pizza and binge-watching The Bachelor.

On Gender equality

Oh boy! Tell that to the thousands of women fighting for our country because whether or not you believe they shouldn’t be fighting in combat, they are, and they’re kicking ass at it.

On feminism

Listen Michael, feminism exists for many reasons, but one of them is not because dudes don’t obey the bible. The bible is not telling employers to pay women equally or put a woman in the White House, and that’s just part of what feminists are fighting for.

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