'Parks and Rec' Gets New Guest Stars but We Want More Retta

Waiting for the Parks and Recreation premiere on September 26 has been an emotional roller-coaster. Every week brings some new, strange, sometimes heartbreaking news — I'm still not over the fact that Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones) and Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe) are leaving the show, probably in a joint storyline, probably to have a baby. Or whatever.

This week, it was announced that Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany will be the newest in a series of guest stars on the NBC comedy. She'll play a love interest for Tom Haverford. Maybe he'll impress her with his business ideas and finally start that baby tuxedo clothing line. While I adore/want to marry Aziz Ansari and can't ever complain when he has a new ridiculous venture or romantic interlude on Parks, I do have a gripe — I want to see more Donna Meagle, played by brilliant comedian Retta. Give me more Donna!

In fact, at Comic-Con this year, Retta gave an interview with Entertainment Weekly saying she wants to see Donna get more ass. Don't we all? Donna's story-lines are always sadly peripheral — we know she has firefighters waiting to take baths with her, we know she loves her Benz, and we know her cousin is Ginuwine. But apart from that, we don't see nearly enough of Donna on screen, which is a shame because Retta is hilarious outside of Parks and Recreation. She's known to live-tweet almost everything over at her Twitter, most recently Orange Is the New Black (my favorite tweet: "Wait, white people eat pork rinds?"), and she has a great career as a standup comedian.

I'll be damned if the episode where Tom and Donna treat themselves (and depressed Batman Ben) isn't the best episode of the series. So please, Parks, more Donna Meagle! It's about time she stopped being a mysterious caricature and had more real, episode-long endeavors.