9 Women Who Deserve the Cecil B. Demille Award — Sorry, George Clooney

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It was announced on Monday that actor, director, filmmaker and humanitarian George Clooney would receive the Cecil B. Demille award at the 2015 Golden Globes. Over the years Clooney has gone from television heartthrob and cheesy Batman to one of the industry's most respected actors and serious filmmakers. His projects tackle politics, history, and human rights.

Along with his work on screen and behind the camera, Clooney will be recognized for his charitable efforts, particularly for his outreach in Darfur. He is a well-deserving honoree for the award which recognizes an individual's exceptional contributions to the entertainment industry and the world at-large.

However, the Cecil B. Demille award has a history of not recognizing women. Since 1953, only 13 women have received the honor —That is quite a disheartening figure. Here are nine women who also deserve recognition for their expansive careers and impactful work as humanitarians. Take a look.

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