'The Mindy Project' Season 3 Guest Stars Are a Tough Bunch To Keep Track Of — There Are So, So Many

Mindy Kaling clearly knows a lot of celebrities. And her mix of "being awesome" and "having a great TV show" has made dozens of stars happy to line up to be guest stars on The Mindy Project Season 3, especially now that it's made it to a third season.

Back in the early days, when it was more of a romantic comedy, Anders Holm, Seth Rogen, and Seth Meyers all appeared as Mindy's dates and boyfriends. Then, as things started to shift towards more of a workplace comedy, they filled out the rest of the office with people like Mark Duplass and James Franco. Now, the show has started to fill in the backstories of the various characters, so this year we'll see plenty of their relatives, friends, and more love interests for the supporting players (now that Danny and Mindy are trying a relationship). The only downside is that there are almost too many Season 3 guest stars to keep track of — so here's a guide so you can keep track of who's playing whom on The Mindy Project this fall.

Image: Greg Gayne/FOX

Glenn Howerton

He didn’t use the D.E.N.N.I.S. System on Mindy, but Cliff, played by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Glenn Howerton, will be back in Season 3 as Mindy’s now ex-boyfriend.

Image: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX

Rob McElhenney

Yet another member of the Always Sunny ensemble, Rob McElhenney will be in Skinny Mac mode to play Morgan’s cousin in Season 3. Evidently they’ll have a pair of matching tattoos that would do both the Tooker and the Paddy’s families proud.

Image: Patrick McElhenney/FOX

Rhea Perlman

Sitcom veteran Rhea Pearlman will be guest starring in the beginning of Season 3 playing Danny Castellano’s mother. Considering Pearlman’s work on classic shows like Taxi and Cheers played up her ability to pick a fight with just about anyone, it seems a safe bet that Mindy and Mrs. Castellano won’t get along. (Also, Pearlman’s longtime husband is Danny DeVito… also known as Frank from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.)

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Tracey Wigfield

Emmy-winning writer Tracey Wigfield, best known as Tina Fey’s writing partner for the amazing 30 Rock finale, now works as a writer on The Mindy Project and will appear once again as Lauren, the object of both Peter and Jeremy’s affections.

Image: Isabela Vosmikova/FOX

Niecy Nash

Kaling Tweeted a little while ago that Nicey Nash, of Reno 911 would be joining the show as the chief antagonist of Season 3 — a new chief at Shulman & Associates who happens to be a lesbian. She probably will be a big part of the season, so she’s not a “guest star,” so to speak, but she’s a great find for the show.

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Allison Tolman

Coming off of an amazing debut season of Fargo, Allison Tolman will be guest starring as another one of Peter Prentice’s unfortunate dates.

Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chloë Sevigny (Possibly)

According to TV Guide, one of the early conflicts in the season is that it turns out Danny isn’t technically divorced from his erratic ex, Christina (Chloë Sevigny). Sevigny wasn’t always well used back in the first season when she was introduced, but hopefully the love triangle around her, Mindy, and Danny, makes things a little more interesting.

Image: Beth Dubber/FOX

Shonda Rhimes

The President of Shondaland is hopping networks from ABC to FOX in order to appear as herself on an episode of Mindy . I’m guessing Mindy is addicted to Scandal, Morgan still loves Grey’s Anatomy, and Danny is an avowed fanatic for the late great Private Practice.

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