Liam & Karma Need To Start Being Honest

During the first season of MTV's Faking It , Karma Ashcroft and Liam Booker were drawn together via dubious circumstances. He thought she was a lesbian and that turned him on, while she kept up a relationship charade with her best friend Amy Raudenfeld for the sake of being popular and getting with Liam. They hooked up and got hooked on one another — unbeknownst to the rest of Hester High School, Amy (who turned out to actually be in love with Karma), and all-knowing gossip queen Shane Harvey. But can a love built on lies actually go the distance?

As we found out in the show's jaw-dropping season finale, the answer is no freaking way. Karma and Liam's relationship imploded when secrets upon lies were revealed and discovered: Karma wasn't the lesbian Liam thought she was and Karma rejected Amy's confession of romantic feelings for her BFF. And then Liam and Amy sought refuge in each other, having distraught-over-Karma drunken sex. Uh oh.

I can only hope Liam doesn't choose to lie about that to Karma when Faking It makes its sophomore debut on Sept. 23. The last thing this couple needs is another lie — for Season 2, they ought to try keeping it honest. From the looks of MTV's official trailer, Faking It's season premiere will feature Amy coming clean to a pharmacist, her mom, and Shane, but she desperately wants to keep her night with Liam a secret from Karma. And it looks like Liam is into doing the same.

In order for Liam and Karma to make it another semester at Hester, Liam needs to man up and come clean to Karma. Yes, she's going to be upset. She might throw a fit or two. She might bust out her guitar again and belt out an angry rock song about it in front of the whole school. But Karma might also eventually find it in her heart to forgive him. If they decide to give it another go, it'll be better for these two teenage love birds to start over with a relationship sans dishonesty and disguises.

The road to true love isn't always easy, especially on TV. There are bound to be obstacles — and in Karma and Liam's case, some frequent fibbing. Despite that, they forged a sweet, clandestine romance almost solely inside the Hester art room, where Karma also lost her virginity to Liam. Karma worked up the courage to ask Liam to have a threesome with her and Amy— and they pretty much survived the attempt.

Now, Karma and Liam might not be ready to reveal their relationship to all of Hester just yet. They still need to work out their own issues, in addition to other complications — you know, like the whole school thinking that Karma and Amy are the "It" couple du jour, along with Amy's own feelings, and Karma coming to terms with the fact that her BF and BFF effed up.

But if Karma and Liam stay honest with each other, even if it hurts at first, they might be able to make it to graduation. And it won't be dubious at all.

Images: MTV (2); MTVFakingIt/Tumblr; Giphy.