Beyonce & Jay Z's House Is Just Begging to Be on MTV 'Cribs' — PHOTOS

The luxurious Los Angeles rental home of Beyonceé and Jay Z is fit for music industry royalty. The sprawling $45 million mansion includes seven bedrooms, eight plus bathrooms, an infinity pool, a tennis court and 16,000 square-feet of plush comfort. And this is just the house they rent when they need to put their feet up in California after spending all that time On the Run.

The Bel Air digs are a far cry from the denim-clad and bright purple Moroccan-themed luxuries of the Destiny's Child house that was once featured on MTV Cribs. Even though MTV no longer takes us inside celebrity houses and their painstakingly organized-for-the-camera refrigerators, we can still pretend. Let's take a faux Cribs tour with Bey and Jay of their Los Angeles home away from home.

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California Cool

Jay: “I mow this lawn every day.”

Bey: “Oh, hush.”

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Bey: “I’m gonna be real with you for a minute. I have never played a single game of tennis on this court.”

Jay: “We do um, other ‘couples matches’ out here.”

*Bey shoves Jay.*

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White on White

Bey: “This is my sanctuary. I come in here and the rest of the world just melts away. It’s where my husband and I unite and are soulful together.”

Jay: “This is where number two and number three are comin, baby!”

Image: The Agency

Infinite Bliss

Bey: “This is where Kelly and I or Solange and I come and just kick it in the day time.”

Jay: “I prefer the hot tub.”

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Yellow Pop of Color

Jay: “She’s probably going to tell you I never cook.”

Bey: “He never cooks.”

Jay: “Ask her about my omelettes.”

Bey: “OK, OK, he does make a good breakfast.”

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Blue on Tan

Bey: “You should see this place when Blue’s gluten-free organic toys are out. That girl can throw.”

Jay: “Yeah and guess who does all the cleaning up after Blue?”

*Beyoncé makes goofy face to the camera and runs off*

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Bath Time

Bey: “Blue loves her bubble baths.”

Jay: “So does her mama.”

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Jay: “I never use this.”

Bey: “You better believe I do.”

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Driveway to Heaven

Jay: “I gave up my motorcycles after we had Blue. Just the family cars now.”

*Beyonceé rolls eyes.*

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