Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Coffee

Gather ‘round, coffee enthusiasts — you’re going to want to see this. It’s an infographic that encompasses pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about coffee… and then some. Seriously. When I say everything, I do mean everything. Created by personal finance website Finances Online, it’s got answers to any questions that might ever have occurred to you about your favorite drink, from how to make sure your home brewed cup of joe is the best it can possibly be to what you can do to change up your routine a little bit. It might even teach you something — I picked up a whole bunch of useful tidbits from it, including but not limited to the following:

  • Ways to put your leftover coffee grounds to good use. We already know it makes an amazing face scrub, but apparently you can also use it to unclog plugged drains.
  • Why you shouldn’t drink your coffee out of metal or Styrofoam cups. Not only do these types of receptacles change the taste of your java, but even worse, they can leak plastics and other gross things into it. Yuck.
  • What foods to pair your coffee with. Besides the usual baked goods, I mean. Try pairing a lemon slice with some really strong espresso, followed by some sweets or a lump of sugar. Decadence!
  • How to make espresso without an espresso machine. Incredibly useful for those of us who can’t justify the expense.
  • How countries around the world serve the drink. In Ethiopia, for example, a pinch of salt is commonly added; a little Google-fu reveals that salt cuts down on the bitterness. Not that bitterness is a bad thing — but if it’s not your jam, salt is a good way to reduce it. TIL, right?
  • How Jennifer Lawrence takes her coffee. With a dash of cinnamon. A woman after my own heart.

Check out the full infographic below — and while you’re at it, don’t forget to brush up on all those alternate ways to make the perfect cup of coffee. Drink up!

Image: Finances Online