11 Reasons 'Arrow' Star Colton Haynes Should Play More Than Werewolves & Superheroes

He's probably one of the only people in the world who can say this, but Arrow star Colton Haynes has been a werewolf twice — first on the ABC series The Gates and then more famously on Teen Wolf. During Arrow's upcoming third season, his character, Roy Harper, will become the superhero Arsenal.

That being said, Haynes may have cried at The Fault in Our Stars, but he's primarily known as an action actor. That's silly to me. I don't believe in typecasting and he has a secret range. He's got a comic streak for sure, and I'm not talking about comic books. Whether he's headed to 30 Rock for an SNL hosting gig or the Academy Awards remains to be seen, but here's why Haynes should be given more opportunities to show off his other skills.

He doesn't take himself too seriously

Neither should we! It’s always good to call yourself out on fashion choices and/or embrace your inner child.

Image: ColtonLHaynes /Instagram

He's punny

Get it? He’s doing duck face. Stop quacking us up!

Image: ColtonLHaynes /Instagram

He can dance

Well… good enough.

Image: coltonhaynesgifs/Tumblr

He's very sophisticated

Chess AND Croquet?

Image: ColtonLHaynes /Instagram

He loves a good non sequitor

This may be my favorite and I may have just made it my mission to play Cards Against Humanity with Colton Haynes. Why is this funny, bro? Are you secretly a huge fan of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?

Image: ColtonLHaynes /Instagram

He's practical

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. That is a fork bracelet. He’s wearing a fork bracelet. You know, just in case you get a little peckish on the red carpet.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

He can hula hoop

With some bonus Tyler Posey jump-roping thrown in there.

Image: Giphy

He's great at impressions

You’ve seen his Jennifer Lawrence, but have you seen his… wax figure? Or something? It’s uncanny.

Image: ColtonLHaynes /Instagram

He got WAY into the US Open

I spy a wholesome Disney sports movie in your future.

Image: ColtonLHaynes /Instagram

He knows his musicals

While hilariously live-tweeting a stranger’s first date, Haynes snuck in a hash-tagged reference to A Chorus Line. I may be the only one who noticed that. But I did.

Image: ColtonLHaynes/Twitter

One last pun for the road

“Beets by Dre.” It’s a good look!

Image: ColtonLHaynes /Instagram