The Joan Rivers Project The World Never Got To See

by Mallory Schlossberg

Another sad story has surfaced since Joan Rivers' recent passing. Jerry Seinfeld came across a text message revealing that Rivers was supposed to be a part of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee . However, Seinfeld wrote that he later got a call saying that Rivers had to postpone production because she had to enter the hospital for a medical procedure. That procedure ended up being the fatal procedure that led to her tragic death.

With an evidently heavy heart, Seinfeld posted a screenshot of the text along with the following message on Facebook:

I just came across this heartbreaking text on my phone from August 19th. I had asked Joan Rivers to be our lead guest on the new season of Comedians in Cars, and she was thrilled. Then we got a call saying she was going in for a medical procedure and needed to postpone. I would have loved to have shown another side of her. I wanted to tell her how much I admire all she had accomplished, especially in the latter stages of her career. She was one of the greats. I'll miss her.

It's impossible to deny the tremendous comedy that would have ensued had Rivers had the opportunity to get in a car and get coffee with Seinfeld. The heaviness that comes that thought, however, only further proves what an enormous comedic powerhouse Rivers was — even the thought of her affects us all.

Image: ComediansInCarsGettingCoffee/Facebook