Gloria Allred Sues Kanye West For Being an Asshole to Paparazzo

Rapper, singer, entrepreneur, and self-proclaimed zeitgeist Kanye West is used to being surrounded by strong women — it's not like it was his idea to go on Kris Jenner's talk show — but he might not be ready for this kind of heat. Everyone's favorite lawyer Gloria Allred has filed a suit against Kanye West on behalf of the paparazzo who videotaped him in LAX last month, and who as a result, suffered a Kanye beat down.

The photographer Daniel Ramos, oh, beg your pardon — he actually sees himself as a film-maker — videotaped Kanye exiting the airport, heading to his car. Kanye no like that. Ramos baited the new dad by bringing up Kanye's earlier paparazzo rant, which saw him yelling "Don't talk to anyone, ever!" and pushing the camera away from his face.

Not happy to have to relive that moment, Kanye lost his grip on reality and attacked Ramos, allegedly injuring him so badly that the paramedics were called. Ramos claims he was on crutches for two weeks and is suing for assault, battery, and interference with civil rights (in this case, free speech). He's seeking unspecified damages.

Allred, naturally, is trying to draw as much attention to the case as possible and is calling out celebrities who tweeted their applause for Kanye after the video of his paparazzo attack got out. Most specifically, she's not pleased with Cher nor Kristie Alley, who took Kanye's side. Allred said, "We are concerned that celebrity support for an attack on photographers will increase the risk of harm to them," which, come on. Just because Kristie Alley thinks it's a good idea doesn't mean we're all rushing out to throw punches at guys with cameras.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Thankfully for Kanye, the laws surrounding the rights that paparazzi have when photographing minors may be changing — Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner are doing their best to see that it's an enforceable crime that could land offenders in big trouble.

Even though Kanye's in big trouble with Allred, we can't help but think he might even be in more trouble at home. You just know Khloe is not amused.

Watch the attack in question: