How Bad Is Her Dior Ad Photoshopped This Time?

Yeah, photoshop being used in a fashion spread. Shocker, I know. But some say that the lovely Jennifer Lawrence's new Dior ads are photoshopped so blatantly that our favorite Hunger Games badass is left utterly unrecognizable. J. Law has had a pretty shitty few weeks — can’t the girl just catch a break?

J. Law’s Dior ads have conjured up some scrutiny in the past for supposedly being too unlike the bubbly and beloved actress to gain her fans’ approval. We, however, loved her look so much we copy-catted her hairstyle (holla at your girls, J. Law!). But, I digress…

Truth be told, I honestly don’t think Lawrence’s ads for Dior’s fall/winter 2014 collection are overtly photoshopped — and certainly not done beyond recognition. A combination of bronzer and good lighting can give practically anyone cheekbones that could cut glass. Trust me, you should check out my FB profile pictures…

I think the problem some are having with the pictures is that we’re simply used to the relatable, down to earth, slightly awkward Jennifer Lawrence we've come to know and love. Whenever another one of these ads drop, the public is suddenly introduced to a high fashion, statuesque, and dignified Jennifer Lawrence who they’re unfamiliar with and who is ultimately unapproachable. But I mean, isn’t that kinda the point of high fashion anyway – to be transformative? I think J. Law fits the bill perfectly for Dior’s notoriously French, sophisticated, haute couture look. Check out the pics below to decide for yourself.

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